Where privacy matters.

Starless Sky is an open sourec project which aims to bring privacy, anonymity and security to the internet.

Starless Sky is a network protocol that anyone can have their own network, keeping the security and authenticity of information simple and secure.


In a centralized internet it is difficult to know what really happens to your data. We live on promises that protect our information, but we don't know how it's working behind the scenes. Starless Sky is here to change that.


Using advanced cryptography and blockchain, it is possible to validate the information that is on the network separately from it. Validation is always made by the clients, that is, any integrity violation is alerted to the user.

Starless Sky differentials


Addresses are not deterministic and do not reveal the real identity of their bearers unless they want to do so.


Messages and contracts protected by asymmetric and symmetric encryption, making it impossible for an intruder to read or modify them.


The network is secured by blockchain and validated by its own users. Any misplaced letter is immediately alerted to the user.

Smart Contracts

Send and receive secure contracts only between you and the issuer, and no one else. Blockchain-protected smart signatures.


Messages sent and received instantly, keeping you safe and secure.


Easy installation and use. No technical knowledge is required to start sending messages or contracts.

You make your own internet